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Alessandro Crugnola on November 12, 2009 in actionscript

New Actionscript Editor coming?

See videos of an alpha editor from Realaxy:
Hope not Eclipse based this time!


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Tags: actionscript , editor , realaxy 


Realaxy ActionScript Editor. XML+E4X screencast: Full list:
Yeap, we've all been w8ing 4 it for sooo long and as long as i know the release date is coming up this november. Looking forward to testing it ^_^
hi alessandro, how are you? yes a new as editor! now? is it not toooo late?!. Will be like the tween engine explosion?. ONE (a good one!!) is not enough?!? Cheers.
Yes, you are right. This one based on MPS from JetBrains. (
It's based on JetBrains MPS actually

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