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Alessandro Crugnola on October 21, 2008 in general

Win a 3D Flash Gallery!

This is a great opportunity for all the readers! Thanks for flashloaded we're giving 3 free licenses of 3D Wall Pro ($199/each).

To win the prize is very simple, just leave a comment to this post with at least "I want the license" text besides any other comment and after 12 days we will select randomly 3 winners! ( remember to leave your email in the comment )

What is 3D Wall?

The 3D Wall is a papervision powered component to isplays images on an engaging interactive 3D wall. This PRO version can also display FLV videos and SWF's and more.. 

Some of the key features of the 3D Wall are:

  • Flat or curved wall
  • Customizable animations
  • Glow and reflections
  • Double sided thumbnails
  • Complete customizable properties (rows, columns, preloader...)
  • Complete interaction (keyboard or mouse)
  • Use of external xml configuration file
  • A Flash component inspector
  • Images, flv and swfs
  • Customizable video controls
  • Youtube, flickr images
  • Watermarks

Here's a couple of screenshots:


See more screenshots at the 3D Wall page

REMEMBER: Winners will be selected randomly from commenters 10 days later (31 October 2008) and will be contacted directly via email.

Contest is over!

Today (1st November 2008) the contest is over! After running this mysql query to find out 3 random commenters:

SELECT * FROM mt_comment WHERE comment_entry_id = 268 order by RAND() LIMIT 3
we got the three winners who are: (5170) moon, (5135) Pieter and (5176) tm!


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This one is much more cheap and more feature : category + 3D text + featured item
Thanks a lot !!!
we got the winners! (5170) moon (5135) Pieter (5176) tm
I want the license
I want the license. This is a great chance.
I want the license. Se avanza un licenza...
I Really want the license !!! Cool stuff
I want the license
I want the license too !
I want the license of the 3dwall components
I want the license
I want the license of the super-duper 3dwall components
I want the license
I want the license. I'm even going to be honest and not submit multiple comments from various email accounts (mostly because they all look the same but with different domains).
I want the license
I want the license
Urgently need that license. Really. I mean that without that license ...
I really want the license :p Gl All ;)
I want the license
I want the license ! thx :)
My grandma could code a better 3d carousel/wall than that! However, my grandma and I aren't on speaking terms and she's changed her SVN password, so I would love a copy of this gallery. Please.
I want the license
I want the license.
I want the license.
Saint immediately! It's beautiful!
Amazing This is why I love Webresourcedepot so much I'm happy to have found it through webresourcedepot. Niway TQ to FLASHLOADED give away nice and cool products.... I will win..
Olaz!! I want the license ... and i want it now :P stame ben vec!
I want the license. Am I?
wow, Flash 3D Wall Pro really incredible with most polular function fixed together. Amazing really amazing Flashloaded provided Flash 3D Wall Pro meet actual user needs. Congratulations you able to understand world and user.. BYe... TQ
I want the license
I want the license
It's an awesome component. The "spacial" sensation is quite impressive... really good. I'd love to have a license.
I want the license. Always like visiting the site and seeing the awesomeness.
I want the license cause I is a lazy boy.
I want the license. I want to be both randomly chosen - and chosen randomly
I want the license. It would be so cool to have this!
I really really want the license xD
That looks pretty cool, I want the license!
I would love to win the license. I have found your site most useful. Flash Tracer is my latest favorite.
I want the license ... *drool* ...
I want the license, yay
I'm a FirstLevelSephiroth, and this gallery is a must have for people like me! I've developed THR....and you know what this means Good luck guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys!
me too, me too: "I want the license"
I want the license To Portugal. Nice Job
I want the license Yes please, me too, it'ssss mine and I wantsss itttt!!
I would like to have the license for my gallery
I want the license .... thanks!
Yeah, I want the license. :3
I want the license :)
Nice idea. Maybe I'll be lucky...
I want the license and you can send it to pieter[at]designisdead(
I want the license!
I want the license!!!
I want the license also! Would love to try this out. Cheers.
I want the license.
I want the license. Let't try and hope to be on 3 lucky guys will receive this cooool gallery :)
One for me, please :)
hey :) I want a license too :P Leo
I want the license
Hello, I'd like to get it too! :)
I want the license
I want the license thanks to all for this.. i've been following this site for a while. it has helped me a great deal.
I want the license! yes, it's true, i want it
Alessandro, after your gallery 1 and gallery 2, Gallery 3D would be an amazing substitute so I want the licence ! :)
I want the license
I want the license!
I want the license because in my 38 yrs I've entered hundreds of competitions and never won a single thing , plus it looks really cool and it would great to showcase my 5 kids .. great work as always ..
Hello. I rarely leave the comfort of my RSS viewer and preffer to lurk, but this is an exception. I'd gladly take care of the licence. I may even have a good use and home for it, too.
I want the license
I want the license
Cool giveaway! I was just looking at the papervision blog today. So enter me -- I want the license.
I the license :P please select me and contact me ptaranto [at] gmail [dot] com hope that number 1 is a good number to be selected by random algorithm
I really want the license!
I want the license. Great Project. Oh by the way any news from your expression evaluator?
Please man, I want the license!!! :) I'm a poor Mexican developer (and devoted fan of Sephiroth btw) who loves PV3D and Flash, and in this financial turmoil it would be very handy to have such an amazing Gallery to implement at some websites and earn some money :P hehe
I'll take one :) Nice work btw

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