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Alessandro Crugnola on November 13, 2007 in general

(my)SQL-Front is back!

SQL-Front screenshotAfter more than one year I received an email saying that finally mysql-front is back and no it's SQL-Front.
MySQL-Front was one of the first mysql clients I ever installed and I was very disappointed when it closed..

Here I quote the Nils entry about the comeback and the new name: 

16 months ago, many users of this program were surprised and disappointed to see the project discontinued rather suddenly. I am sorry that I was unable to find a way of continuing the project at that time, so that the users had to suffer from its disappeance. This discontinuation was the result of a senseless fight - from which, at the end of the day, noone had an advantage.

So the question is: Why do people fight when they don't have an advantage from it? There are multiple answers to this question, but often jealousy of other people or fear about one's own future are the reasons for it. In my humble opinion, if someone fights against you, you should consider how to help them instead of getting involved in senseless fighting. Therefore, I decided not to fight with them last year, but to withdraw.

In the past weeks, I was able to find a solution
..." (read full article)


P.S. Great, my old license key is still valid!



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hi friends, i got a chance to look at best gui sqlyog, db management tool. which i found awesome simple to use
If I may suggest, there is also a good MySQL frontend app called MyDB Studio at and it's free. Give it a try =) I'm in no way affiliated with them, just a user and fan of the app =) I think it may be getting outdated tho, the dev team seems to have vanished, but the app still works well, using it on MySQL 5. Cheers
Lookup for HeidiSQL witch is release by the original programer of FrontMysql.

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