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Alessandro Crugnola on October 22, 2007 in flex

Flex Frameworks

Luke Bayes and Ali Mills of PatternPark made a presentation for the Silicon Valley Flex Users Group (SilvaFUG) of 9 different frameworks and toolkits for creating Flex applications: Cairngorm, PureMVC, ARP, MVCS, Flest, Model-Glue: Flex, ServerBox Foundry, Guasax, and Slide.

Watch the presentation:
See the slides: 

Their Conclusion?
PureMVC by Cliff Hall beats out the alternatives

  • Composition over inheritence
  • Liberal use of Interfaces
  • Indirection is used but not overwhelming
  • Instance members hide singleton references from application code
  • MXML views can be extremely thin
  • Benefits of Cairngorm, with few of the disadvantages.
I must admit I never used PureMVC, the only framework I'm currently using is Cairngorm, even if I bookmarked the pureMVC page long time ago promising myself to watch it more in deep. Now it's time to keep the promise.


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Thanks for the link!
A little comment to add my opensource framework in the list :) My framework is a framework with 3 versions AS2/AS3/SSAS (the AS3 version is in progress but stable with VEGAS the core framework and the asgard tools (remoting, etc.) and andromeda (MVC+IOC in progress) I Don't use for the moment MXML... for me the better way is to create a core framework based ECMASCript (with unit tests, Design patterns implementations etc..) and after i think create my extension to creates mxml components based on VEGAS. EKA+ :)

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