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Alessandro Crugnola on June 30, 2007 in actionscript , flash

Papervision3D component for Flash CS3

John Grden just released an amazing component for Flash CS3 for manage papervision3d on Flash IDE.

- Design-time render and editing in Flash IDE
- 3 Material types supported - BitmapFileMaterial, BitmaAssetMaterial and MovieAssetMaterial
- Creates MovieScene3D and Free or Target camera
- Manages resizing / centering of Papervision3D scene [optional]
- Dynamic masking to constrain the viewable render area to the bounds of the component [optional]
- Full API and access to Scene, Camera, Collada objects to code around
- Automatically loads materials via Collada file [when materials list is not given]
- New Custom Panel for modifying rotation, camera zoom, camera focus, camera Z at design-time

Download component here
See the presentation video

Papervision3D at google code: 



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