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Alessandro Crugnola on June 11, 2007 in general

Apple Safari for Windows. Terrible!

safari on windows vista

Probably you know that Apple just released a public beta version of its web browser Safari for Windows.

Why don't try it out? So, after Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera I downloaded and installed it immediately just for curiosity, even if looking at the demo I saw they forced the application UI to be like OSX rather than following the Windows standards (like for iTunes).
And this is the first reason I dont like Apple applications for Windows (I'm on pc, not on a mac and I dont want to have a mac UI!).

Ok, I've installed it and uninstalled just after 5 minutes. I can understand it's just a beta, but quite all the pages I tested are weird with lot of things missing, the HTML isn't rendered as I expected.
I did just a search on google as first attempt but the result page was unreadable at all!

Some minor issues:
why the font smoothing can be changed in the application preferences? On Windows the font smoothing it's set in the OS preferences, so just use that value.

During these 5 minutes I found many other issues, but I really think this is due to the fact it's still the first public beta..


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Tags: apple , safari , windows 


3.0.4 is the latest to date and it is nothing short of useless.
Actually I'm using the beta 3 of Safari for Windows and for me it's OK. The most of the pages renders very well, I also appreciate the private browing option. The interface doesn't bother me at all (actually I find the MacOS interface much confortable than Windows). The only bad point is that you cannot control the font smoothing and maybe the interface is not as cleaner as iTunes.
Safari for WindowsXP, I think is pretty good. Although it's still in beta mode, they need to fix the javascript and flash parts in it. I'm not able to look at anything flash-related. But other than that, it's a fast browser for me.
its terrible, i thort id try it, and im regretting everything its shocking, every page ive loaded so far has had something wrong with it and any page with flash on it doesnt work, its supposed to be faster than ie, and in every case, ive found it too be dramatically slower
I'm a mac user. I like mac and I use Opera and eventually Firefox on my mac.
OMFG. I just installed SE|Py (nice name by the way - real easy to search for). Guess what! I can't figure out how to add files to my project - or if I even need to! Docs? None. But thank god there's information on "How to change the way SEPY recognize variables". Clearly a mass-market feature. READ TEH SUORCE!@$# Don't throw stones at people who make actual products.
Travis, a public beta release should be ALLOT more stable than the Safari. Further, I agree with Alessandro that I don't like a MAC UI in windows, but I suppose I always have IE and FF while those who do enjoy a MAC UI can use Safari so it's all good.
travis, you also need to calm down because your reaction makes you sound like an apple fanboy (which you probably are). In my opinion, no other browser can catch up with Firefox and its huge community of developers who have created a myriad of excellent extensions. Firefox works great out of the box but you can tailor it to your specific browsing needs and habits. Opera is a robust and fast browser plus it's now free. Why do you think it hasn't taken off as they expected? People don't want to start browsing without access to certain extensions. The way I look at it, Apple is not trying to win the browser wars with Safari, but rather, providing a development tool for those looking to create "apps" for the iPhone.
usually a beta version is unstable but working. on my pc i cant see the program menu, neither i cant write an anddress where to go. i can only browse the defualt site (
this is a BETA idiots, no beta is perfect and still being worked on - hence using the word BETA.. geez, calm down and stop looking for reasons to complain and be an Apple Hating Bully.

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