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Alessandro Crugnola on May 30, 2007 in firefox

Flash Switcher extension updated

Yesterday I updated my previous flash switcher extension due to some changes in the latest release of Firefox 2.0.3 which caused the extension to stop working.
Moreover Adobe continues to change the path of the flash player installation dir.. because of this you should first uninstall your current flash player before using this extension.
The Flash player uninstaller is available here.

I've also included a brief help on how-to add more player versions available for this extension. Just open the 'help' menu item from the extension's menu.


I've tested both on my Windows Vista business and Windows XP and it seems to work correctly, but feel free to report bugs to me..
Actuallt i've included these flash player versions:

  • 4.0 r28
  • 6.0 r79
  • 7.0 r63
  • 8.0 r24
  • 9.0 r28
  • 9.0 r45


What's flash switcher?
Flash switcher is a Firefox extension (the icon will be installed in the right status bar of your browser) which lets you to switch between various flash player versions without using uninstallers/installers.

This new version is available only for Firefox 2.0.3 and above.


Flash switcher extension for windows is vailable currently here:

Be sure to uninstall all previous flash switcher extensions from firefox before install this new one


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another new version of flash switcher, coo.
if your flashplayer isn't listed in the flashswitcher availables players, you should first save your current version (using the save menu). then you can go back to your previous player when you want
Hi, I have installed flash switcher. i have flash10. now the problem im facing is i have changed my flash version 10 to 9 through flas switcher. now i want to change from flash9 to flash10 but i dont see that option of flash10 there, What shld i do , can any body help me?
Hi, could you explain me how to manually switch from flash player 10 "normal version" and "debug version"?
Not available for Linux ?
Thanks for this plugin. But I have one question: If I uninstall the flash-player, what will happen with my other browsers like IE, Opera and so on... As a web developer I need to test my sites with different browsers... If I got it right: After uninstalling the flash-player I will only be able to see flash with FF?
As an update to everyone looking for flash beta 9, i added 9 beta r60 as well as r47 beta to the list of items and included the plugins in my post located here: Thanks for the great plugin!
I second the having flash 9 beta. We are doing testing on the new H264 video support and being able to include this version would be very nice. Since the beta doesnt have the DLL you have listed in the help not sure how to attempt this. Thanks.
*I'm running Win XP Pro SP2. *Firefox Just upgraded to the new CS3. Uninstalled all flash players. Installed the Flash Switcher. It works, but partially. When I switch the flash version, it installs, but brings up a blank page, and also cleared my clipboard. Weird. Anybody have any ideas why? Maybe a change in 0.0.5?
is NPSWF32.dll now named npnul32.dll?
On Win XP and FF I get the error "ns_error_file_access_denied" when I want to switch the flash version. This happened on two different computers. Any idea? Michael
how do i install it on netscape navigator which can use firefox plugins
can`t get it to work im owner of computer but when i click tools it aint there help plz
hi! awesome extension. thanks for adding the ability to include new versions of the plugin.

i have a feature request: an option that displays a confirmation alert before switch plugins and restarting the browser... especially if my mouse hand is shaky and i accidentally select "remove flash player." i know that it's nondestructive since i can just reinstall with another couple of clicks, but a confirmation alert would save me that hassle :)


[PS. does your antispam timer start when 'preview' is clicked? i was told i could not post a comment till later, despite the fact that this is my first comment... i did, however, preview a few times.]
HI Alessandro, thanks for this extension. The link above (etc.xpi) doesn't seem to work though.
Can you update it with the flash player 9 debug version? Then developers would be able to even use the feature described here: Thank you
Many thanks! I will put this info in the help panel
[Posted by: Alessandro Crugnola May 31, 2007 11:25 PM Mhh.. last question. do you have the User account Control enabled? ] No, UAC is disabled. But I have managed to get it to work! I right-clicked on my Firefox shortcut and selected "Run as Administrator". It seems that as long as I am running FF as an administrator it works. Many thanks.
Brilliant!! That did the trick for me! Thanks Alessandro!
Mhh.. last question. do you have the User account Control enabled?
[Alessandro Crugnola:Don't you have any other firefox running instances? does the firefox plugins dir have complete read/write access?] No other FF running, but I am running Vista and it seems to have much tighter control of access permissions. However I am a member of the administrators group and that has full control over the plugins folder. Thanks for responding so quickly
Don't you have any other firefox running instances? does the firefox plugins dir have complete read/write access?
When I try switching I get:- [Exception... Component returned failure code: 0x80520015 (NS_ERROR_FlLE_ACCESS_DENIED) [nsIFile.copyTo]� nsresult: �0x80520015 (NS_ERROR_FILE_ACCESS_DENIED)� location: �JS frame :: chrome://flash_switcher/content/overlay.js:: switch_plugin_delay:: line 230" data: no]
Thanks for this new version :)

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