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Alessandro Crugnola on October 19, 2006 in firefox , general

Flash, Internet Explorer and Firefox new releases

We had so many milestone releases today!
Flash player 9 for linux is probably the most exciting news.
Second, Microsoft announced Internet Explorer 7. (even if I dont like at all the new look).
Last but not least Firefox 2 is on the way!
Today the Firefox 2 Release Candidate 3 have been released (with Javascript 1.7 support and with Google suggest integrated).



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Arnold, are you sure? I tried IE 7 on a website when I used FlashRelief ThumbGallery (that use SWFObject) and it works :/
Oh My God, i just downloaded IE 7, it does not display website that use swf object flash.
Festa! visto che hanno rilasciato anche lo standalone GTK?

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