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Alessandro Crugnola on September 8, 2006 in flex

Flex2 again: CheckBox 3state

I continue with Flex2 experiments and still fighting again the documentation..
Ok, does someone know where I can find an exhaustive documentation of all the compc command line arguments? I looked around but I had no luck.. only few words about them.
Second, I haven't found anything really complete about create Flex2 components, styles and skins, setting default styles, embedding stc.. I had to search in many places and looking at the code of someone else already did.. fortunately I've found an example from Peter Ent.

Ok, this I created a checkbox which allows a '3rd state' selection. Flex2 checkboxe allows only selected/unselected state, so I added the possibility to set a "middle" state.
Here a couple of example about it:

Flex2 Component CheckBox 3state.

Source Code

This example shows a possible implementation of this component, attaching it into a tree item renderer

CheckBoxExteneded Implementation.
Source Code


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2'nd one It's very useful Source i want to get particular data of selected first child node only . is it possible to filter?
Hi can any body help me? I would like to get the data attribute of the xml strucutre(the one used for the tree) when the checkbox is clicked!
What is the software license for this code? Thanks.

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