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Alessandro Crugnola on July 3, 2006 in firefox

Google browser sync

google firefox sync

I discovered today this great extension for Mozilla Firefox made by Google.

It synchronizes bookmarks, history, cookies and saved passwords continuously across your computers. It also allows you to restore open tabs and windows across different machines and browser sessions.
It allows you to select which setting to be sent using encryption (for example the saved password, even if I just use this extension only for my bookmarks).
Using firefox using different computers every day I always had the problem of bookmarks syncronization. First I used another firefox extension, but I dont remember its name, then I decided to put my bookmark.html file under a CVS repository, but now that I discovered this extension I will definitively use this one.

download the firefox extension here:


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So do i get this straight that all your bookmarks etc are stored on google's servers so all machines you control can be updated at start up ? This sounds like even more control for google, and I think they got more than enough of that already.
I'm a big fan of Flock, which will use Delicious to sync your bookmarks. Mike
Thanks for the tip, I installed and tested google notebook for a while and it's indeed useful even if quite slow
Google Notebook is a very good tool to keep info syncronized between browsers, i use the same data shared on my pc and my mac.

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