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Alessandro Crugnola on July 10, 2006 in general


I can't believe it!


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ciao sephi, il tuo sito naturalmente sempre ben fatto e ricco di info utili. comunque siamo i campioni del mondo.... se ti va commenta anche l'articolo sul mio blog!!
Congratulaz, sia all'Ita che alla Fra anche xchè complessivamente nelle 2 squadre c'erano 8 giocatori della Juve. E poi la Juve vince grazie a Moggi?
Well at least Australia got knocked out by the eventual cup winners. Our boys can take some solace in that. Congrats Italy ;-)
Congratulations!!! from Germany. CU in 2010 ;-), perhaps in the final!
congratulations!!! Argentina and Brazil says Thank's :P
huhu, I am French, I am bit frustrated..hum Congr... again Congratulat... I make a big effort "CONGRALUTATION From France" Oh my god, I tell this Felicitation per gli italiani!!! 8)
URAAHHHHHHHH !!! Dopo 24 anni infine la coppa torna in italia. Bravi azzuri crazyboy un italiano in francia !!!
Congratulations from Czech republic
Congratulation from Thailand :D
Congratulation! Good for you, Italian team!
Congratulation from Bulgaria ! Italins deserves the victory :))
Grande azzurri! Una felicitacion y un gran abrazo desde Argentina. (no pude evitar gritar bien fuerte los 2 goles contra Alemania!) En en 2010 nos veremos en la final... Saludos a Camoranesi
Congrats to the French team too. They played a great match too. I know how much frustrating is to lose with penalties
Congrats Italy. luchyx
Congratulations from Brazil
Well, Italian team played much more than Brazilian team... and in the final match they had a great play. congratulations!
Parabens!!!!! Em 2010 a taca e do Brazil Brazil 3 X 0 Italy ;)
kidding? the best presentation in all games was to show the world their ability of aviation... nothing personal against you, but imho they did not deserve the cup!
Congratulation from Ukraine :)
esiste!!! In inglese no però!!
congratulation, the Italian team made a good prestation, it deserves this victory.

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