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Alessandro Crugnola on June 20, 2006 in flash

Xray updated

John Grden just posted on osflash mailing list about an update of his xray connector.
This new version (1.5.5) includes these changes:
- New Grid Line creator - add grid lines at any x/y coordinate in any timeline when working with coordinate conversions
- New Edit tool - scale, rotate and move any clip on stage at runtime with a similar edit tool you'd find in the flash IDE

There's also a video tutorial which explains these changes

Another update is the new swf interface made with Flex2 (requires Flash player 9):

Download the mxp file here:
Download the connector only packages here:

An example on how to use the connector package inside your .as:

import com.blitzagency.xray.util.*
private function loadXray():Void{
XrayLoader.addEventListener(XrayLoader.LOADCOMPLETE, this, "xrayLoadComplete");
XrayLoader.addEventListener(XrayLoader.LOADERROR, this, "xrayLoadError");

private function xrayLoadComplete():Void{

private function xrayLoadError():Void{
trace("an error occured loading the Xray connector");


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Tags: debug , flash component , xray 


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