May 19, 2006

DragController updated

DragController.pngThanks to the hard work of Nicolas Zeh the component I did some time ago (draggable controller) has now lot of changes!
* a new name: DragController
* drag and drop multiple items at once if multipleSelection is set to true for a component
* added the following methods to the DragEvent Object:
evt.checkType - check a component's type
evt.addItem - add the source_item to the target_component at target_index (returns true on success otherwise false)
evt.removeItem - remove the source_item from the source_component (returns true on success otherwise false)
evt.addAndRemoveItem - for doing both of the prior operations
* the methods were renamed to fit Macromedias naming conventions for methods, i.e. starting lower case with no underscores:
AddReference -> addReference
RemoveReference -> removeReference
Veto -> veto
Skip -> skip

* i lowered the addReference restriction that both components have to be UIComponents. Now only the source has to be an UIComponent and the target suffices to be a MovieClip.

* added a veto method for the "drag_start" event. So user can decide on this Event if he would like to allow dragging of this specific item.

* added an onDropData method besides the Event handlers. So you can assign this method directly to a defined target component.

* added flags similar to DragAndDropTree component. These are:
DENYDRAGFOLDER (only tree component)
DENYDRAGITEM (only tree component, as i makes no sense for other components)
DENYDROPINTOITEM (only tree component)
DENYDROPINTOFOLDER (only tree component)
DENYDROPINTO (only tree component)
DENYDROPINBETWEEN this option disallows setting a specific target index position and will add the item at the end of the List, DataGrid, Tree

* removed some bugs concerning Focus on Component and selectedItems. But i am not sure if there aren't some left due to Flash's strange Focus mechanisms. (sure, I still haven't understood the focus mechnism of MM components)

There's also a very comprehensive help of the component (just look in the F1 flash help panel)

- See the example
- Download here

May 18, 2006

Moving to MovableType

Today I decided to change my blog system and move to movabletype.
I'm sorry if there will be problems with the site in the next days concerning this changes.

By the way, if anyone who wants to publish posts here is welcome, just drop me an email :)

May 15, 2006

Microsoft URGE is coming

URGE, the new Digital Music Service announced by Microsoft in collaboration with MTV Network (December 2005), is coming alive.
Tomorrow it should be online and all its benefints will be available with the new Windows Media Player 11 for Windows Vista (but it seems there will be a beta also for Windows XP).

Will be URGE really the iTunes killer?