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Alessandro Crugnola on February 18, 2006 in general


Anybody using Gmail? How about Google Talk?

If so, 2Entwine has created a truely awsome Flash App called Gtalkr!! Right now it is Beta, but in my opinion a very promising RIA (Rich Internet Application).

  • Google Talk contact information

  • Contact presence changes

  • Gtalkr Notifier integration

  • Drag and drop support

It lists friends, your Gmail Account, a Flickr slideshow, a YouTube component, and much more...

Still not enough? Well Gtalkr also has a blog, Everything Gtalkr that will keep you up to date!!

Still want more? Well it even supports extensions!! A combination of XML and Flash..."you'll need to create the Flash file that Gtalkr will load."

I see a lot of potential in this application and fresh view on customization that other portal technologies lack....


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Tags: google , gtalkr 


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