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Alessandro Crugnola on October 8, 2005 in actionscript , flex

Actionscript 3 ?

Recently Macromedia release some news about Flex 2...and what we can find in one page (you can see it here) ?

"With ActionScript 3.0, we have achieved more than simple compliance with the ECMAScript standard; Macromedia now chairs the ECMAScript committee and helps drive its evolution. ActionScript 3.0 features a compilation mode for stronger compile-time type checking that provides the benefits of languages such as Java or C#. It supports new features to streamline data manipulation, including the E4X (ECMAScript for XML) standard, which extends the language and adds XML as a native data type allowing developers to more naturally interact with and manipulate XML. It adds regular expressions support for better text parsing and processing. It sheds some of the ad hoc event handling schemes in the old virtual machine in favor of a unified model based on the W3C DOM Events standard. And it has significantly updated APIs aimed at the application developer audience.

For a complete overview of the new capabilities, stay tuned as we release an overview of ActionScript 3.0 and the Flash Player 8.5 alpha."

It seems that on 17th October we'll have a public preview of Flash Player 8.5...I'm curious a lot!


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Tags: actionscript , flex , macromedia 


I hate actionscript 3...they have made it so much complicated...they to add an event i have to write 10 lines of code!! I Hate Adobe and hate actionscript 3.

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