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Alessandro Crugnola on September 1, 2005 in flash

ImageGallery... new test

It's time since I wanted to make a new PhotoGallery (also due to the incredible number of requests from the first image gallery i did) using AMFPHP and Flash. Now I had a little time to make some improvements to my previous tests.

The current version supports search, thumbnails ordering (by number of comments, rating, views...), rating, comments, panoramic pictures.. etc.
Direct link to a specified image is also supported.

Album thumbnails will be re-ordered after a stage resize, the same will happens to the larger image display. The application send to server the current display size in order to get back an image with the corresponding size.

Now i'm going to add user management, favourites and video support...
Here you can see the image gallery ( requires flash player 8 )


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Tags: image gallery 


you should reverse the directions so if you click and drag down, the screen goes up if you drag click and drag left the screen moves to the right that way it moves more realistically if you had the image infront of you
Very good, keep it up! :)

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