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Alessandro Crugnola on January 16, 2005 in flash

Yet another Encryption Software?

Today I received an email claiming a new Flash encryption software, Sintrix Flash Encrypt v1.0. It pretends to be the best encryption software, for these reasons: - Flash Encrypt not only uses Obfuscation but also attacks the Decompiler itself. In most cases, Flash Encrypted files are not even readable by Decompilers yet they still play perfectly in a Flash Player. Flash Encrypt makes it so that the Flash Decompiler can not even open the SWF file giving you 100% protection - What makes Flash Encrypt stand out as the leader of any Flash protection is the fact that Flash Encrypt has a full staff of people continuously searching, identifying, and finding ways to defeat decompile software as it is released and then getting it to you the customer via auto-updates. No matter how popular the decompile software, no matter how big or small, Flash Encrypt will defeat it and give your ActionScript protection from theft. Below are some of the Decompile Software packages that Flash Encrypt currently defeats. Imperator FLA, Eltima Flash Decompiler, Action Script Viewer, Sothink SWF Decompiler and more. Actually it comes in 2 versions: Home Edition for $49.99 and Corporate Edition for $149.99.
I will take it a try with the trial version, even if i read on the download note that the demo version comes without the main encryption engine. This demo is only to give you minor protection and give you the basic idea of the look and feel of Flash Encrypt. Should I spend 149.99 and I cannot test its encryption engine before?? This is not good at all! 


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Tags: encryption , swf 


Looks like this project is closed :(. Just was going to test it. I am using SWF Protector from and it is pretty reliable, but there is always something better available, so I though may be this one tool is the one I am searching.
So, was the software any good? thinking about buying it
well i suppose all these encryption software is on no use swf can be easily decompile
It sounds good and propably worth a try if you have sensitive info and code that you want to protect.
Hi This is Rakesh Bhomia from Shloka Infotech Limited which is situated at Mumbai(India). We are in multimedia development. We are using Flash software, which is run by calling thru Visual Basic program. i.e. My .swf files call thru the VB. So my requirement is following- � first encrypt the .swf files. � .swf file should not allow to run thru swf runner directly. � . swf file should run only when it call from my vb application. (In vb application we use swfrunner control to run the .swf file.). So need the solution for above define. So kindly if you have any solution then contact us at the following email address or phone number. Email add.

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