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Alessandro Crugnola on September 2, 2004 in actionscript , flash

BLDoc 1.0 Public Beta Available

Chafic Kazoun from has released late yesterday the first public beta of BLDoc.

What is BLDoc?
"BLDoc is an ActionScript 2.0 source code documentation tool designed to require minimal commenting to produce complete documentation. BLDoc supports multiple output styles (including the ability to create your own), parsing of AS 2.0 source, MetaData tags, and JavaDoc style comments."

You can also use BLDoc with SE|PY in order to create autmatically Javadoc style documentation. Latest version of sepy has a new feature which with a simple mouse click will create for you javadoc comment for any method of your source code (thanks to a suggestion of Colin Moock).

Then BLDoc processes a series of customizable commands to run many XSLT transformations on the intermediate file. And it will come in 2 different editions: community edition and professional edition.

Find out more here:



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