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Alessandro Crugnola on September 27, 2004 in flash

A pure Flash Blog. OpenSource!

Guys at have developed a flash blog ( ), i think the first Weblog made in Flash/Php/MySQL Opensource.

It is a project that is in Beta test, but that the main features already are already included. As they said: "We wished to be extending benefits little by little, we didn't want to reinvent the Weblog".
Next there will be the feature to donwload all the archives.

The main features are actually:
- Front End, developed in Flash.
- BackEnd developed in Php/MySQL
- Creation of categories.
- Searches.
- Limitation of entrances by page.
- extended Entrances (read more..).
- Publisher wysiwyg.
- Multiple users and authors.
- Limitless vertical Stage.
- Function botons back/ahead.
- Source codes FLA including.

Jpegs can be added, including the limitations of flash which can load only non progressive jpegs.. maybe they can add the GD support (or also image magik) in order to let all jpegs compatible and also PNG (waiting for gif support come back in the GD lib) ?
I'm still trying to understand how is set the framework.. how data is transmitted to flash (xml, remoting or flat loadvars)..

It seems a really promising project. take a minute to look at this.


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Tags: opensource 


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