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Alessandro Crugnola on July 29, 2004 in SEPY

SE|PY MAC mailing list added

Due to the growing requests for help on compiling sepy on mac I've decided to create a dedicated mailing list.
By the way, I hope to make some tests on a mac by the end of this summer, i really would like to offer a product as much as possible cross-platform.. actually the big problem for me is that i haven't a mac
These are the current mailing list for SE|PY:

Compile and develop SEPY on MAC system

discussions about SE|PY develpement, features, python-flash related

If you want to be informed on cvs commits


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I used to work with SEPY on PC and everything was ok. Since I swapped my PC to iMac some problem appeard. After about 30 seconds from launching it the editor stucks. I can do everything but editing/typing any script. When I close it and launch again SEPY behives exactly the same way.

Does anyone have some solution?

I like SEPY very much so please help me!

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