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Alessandro Crugnola on June 4, 2004 in amfphp

AMFPHP & NetConnection Call.BadVersion

If you used at least one time AMFPHP you probably had already encountered the NetConnection Call.BadVersion message.
This seems to be a very common issue for anyone who's beginnig to develop with Flash Remoting in PHP. In fact I often read message from guys who had this this error while trying to use AMFPHP remoting.
The reasons of this error are often the same or at least similar, for this reason I thought to create a page on the wiki space about this problem.
This is a list of all the common situation where the Call.BadVersion appears. I get most of the poits reading people's posts and I hope you will contribute to create the most comprehensive list about this common problem.

Other useful resources about AMFPHP:
AMFPHP installation guide
Flash-DB tutorial
Installation tips on



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The most common problem with Call.BadVersion (although for me) is the character set of PHP files being other than ANSI/ISO-8859-1. I usually develop using UTF-8 encoding of all my files, but with AMFPHP, it seems to work only when I set the file encoding to ANSI/ISO-8859-1. I don't know if this is an isolated case - or my fault on any point of development - but this happened on all projects that needed AMF communication between Flash/PHP.
The solution that worked for me is setting setLooseMode(true) in the gateway.php This is allready pointed out on the wiki but the link isn't working. Have a nice day!
Had same problem, assume others will here too. There's an archived version. Mind you, this is old and likely not complete anymore.
Hi, It was an excellent idea to make a wiki page for this issue!! but where did it go? The link only takes you to the main page and you can't find the page by searching the wiki either! S.

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