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What is ClassBrowser?
is a very simple tool for inspect into flash classes, parsing a directory (for example the First Run/Classes/ dir) and reading all the informations in the .as files within the directory given.

How it works?
It will read into selected file showing you which other files are imported (vie import or via #include), the class name, which object extends, and a list of all the functions in it. And for each function, the expected input params required and the Return Object.

It is a very simple tool, but can be useful when importing flash classes and you want to take under control the features of those classes easily...

How much costs?
Nothing, it's completely free without any restriction. Just tell me if you make some modification or improvement.



Attention: it's Win32 only!
The .zip file also contains the py source code for who wants to compile by himself.

  • python 2.2,
  • wxPython 2.4
  • py2exe (for exe compiling)
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