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iPhone - Cartoonist

This is my first real iphone application after a couple of experiments with the OS 2.0.
Cartoonist is an application which let you manipulate images in order to create a "cartoon" effect. Take pictures from your Library or from your Camera and add funny cartoon artistic effects! You can customize how to create the cartoon effect by adding stroke lines, saturation, grayscale, number of colors, curve optimization and much more! After you have created you final effect you can save the image back in your photo library.


  • 1.2.2
    • Now you can move, zoom and crop an image before applying the cartoon effect.


cartoonist screenshot 1 cartoonist screenshot 2 cartoonist screenshot 3
cartoonist screenshot 4 cartoonist screenshot 5  


Get Cartoonist from Apple App Store here (for $0.99): Cartoonist

If you're registered in the US iTunes store I can give you a promo code to download the app for free. I've 50 promo for each app version. Just write me an email and I will send you the promo code if still available