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FlashTracer (2.3.1)

( Updated Mon Jul, 7, 2008 ) While running any .swf Flash file in your browser you can see all the output generated by the "trace" flash functions in this sidebar component. You *NEED* the flash player debug version to run this extension correctly
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Flash Switcher

Switch between various flash plugins or remove current plugin. It is installed in the statusbar of your browser. when you click on it a popup menu appears showing different options: which flash player version to install (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) or if you want to remove the currently installed one
Read the original post here with all the users' comments.

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Download videos from your favourite video sites (YouTube, Google, blit, etc..) directly without using a proxy. Unlike VideoDownloader it does not use a proxy page, and unoike unplug it does not create a layer over the current page. It simply try to get the absolute video path and prompt for download it.
Moreover you can add custom rules in order to add other supported sites
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ActionScript 3.0 Reference

Add actionscript search, using livedocs, to the Firefox search-plugin toolbar.
Read here how to add the autocompletion feature!.

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